Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dinner and a Sunset

Last night while we were having dinner the sun was setting, it was too beautiful not to share.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


The sun's come out finally and so have my hibiscus !!

My Baby Magpie- A Happy Story

I have befriended a baby Magpie that lost its mother and would have died of starvation! It has gone from looking like a little grey penguin ( when it's tail was not so long) to this. It comes to my back door twice a day and squarks for some mince. The Daddy magpie has taught it how to look for food, which it is now doing. We just have to get it flying now and it will be great!

The mother bird, which I called "Broken Beak" (her beak had been half broken off) was really tame and gentle and had raised several clutches of chicks nearby. So when she died I just had to help the father bird raise his and Broken beaks sole chick.

Vegetarian Cooking

Here are a few pictures of my recent foray into vegetarian cooking.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

5 Days in !

Happy New Year!!
We are 5 days in to 2012 and its been busy, with family and friends but most of all I have decided to become a vegetarian!!! Can I do it???

Since New Years day I have been "Veggie", it's something I have been considering doing for a long time, so I decided on New Years day "its now or never".

My daughter is a vegetarian so I am used to cooking "veggie" meals when she comes to visit.

My son gave me a great vegetarian cookbook for Christmas so it seemed it was a good time to start. It's funny though every time I've cooked dinner so far, the rest of the family eats all my veggie things!! as well as the meat dishes I have cooked!!

The added advantage it seems is that in 5 days I have lost 2kg?
As you may have seen in my previous posts I am a keen gardener, so I think I will be expanding my vegie patch!

I love to cook so experimenting with new things will be fun.

Monday, 31 October 2011

My Hibiscus

I love Hibiscus and have quite a few in my garden, here are a few varities I grow.